Free the Falcones under arrest for disturbuting the Joker's explosives.


"You're doin' great on pest control, kid - but those killjoy police are ruining my party! They're rounding up Falcone gangsters and shipping them off to the hoosegow! And they've confiscated my lovely explosives! Oh, this will never do. Find the poor slobs and get 'em out before the cops book 'em." — Joker
  • Locate Police Sting Operation
  • Find Vito
  • Take Down GCPD Cops (0/20)
  • Release Arrested Falcone Mobsters (0/5)
  • Free Falcone's Men from SWAT Vans (0/3)
"It's not like cops to take on the Gotham Mob. Wanna bet Batman tipped them off?" — Calculator

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