Soul-Infused Corpses are level 30 mini-bosses found during the Wayward Souls operation. They are found in crossroads northeast of the entrance of the Old Gotham Subway.


  • Soul-Infused Corpse uses basic Brawling attacks.
  • Soul-Infused Corpse uses Legends character attacks - Bane's Seismic Slam (creating a rock to use as a weapon) and Arkillo's Jackhammer (AoE Knockback) and Roar.

Once his health is reduced to about 15%, he becomes stunned and becomes invulnerable. Several Mysterious Souls are summoned. Once they are defeated, Soul-Infused Corpse has his health fully restored. On the third time, his health drops to about 15%, Mysterious Souls are not summoned.



  • Soul-Infused Corpse is a mini-boss in the Wayward Souls operation.


  • Epic Runic Equipment


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