Soul Alchemy is a four player operation for villains who have reached level 30 and acquired both combat rating of 70 and Hand of Fate DLC.


Act 1Edit

  • Speak with Felix Faust.
  • Destroy Arcane portals (Count: 2).

Act 2Edit

  • Travel to Metropolis' Little Bohemia.
  • Chase civilians into Corrupted Devolvers to overload the machines with ferocity.
  • Defeat Fierce Gorilla and extract his soul.

Act 3Edit

  • Travel to Metropolis' Tomorrow District.
  • Burn Amazon banners and stop any Amazon responders (Count: 5).
  • Burn the largest banner to lure out Amazon Champion.

Act 4Edit

  • Travel to Downtown Metropolis.
  • Sabotage STAR Labs equipment and elimante security personnel until Lead Scientist appears (Count: 5).
  • Steal Lead Scientist's soul.

Act 5Edit

  • Travel to Midtown Metropolis.
  • Activate Altar to summon Felix Faust.
  • Defeat Fused Soul and drain it's power.
  • Speak with Felix Faust.


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