Exorcise the Soul Wells that the Magents are using to feed souls to Faust.


"We must weaken Faust. His Magents are using forbidden artifacts called Soul Wells on innocents. Find them, and destroy them before they're taken to Faust!" — Wonder Woman
  • Travel to the ShiHaoXia Business District
  • Defeat Magnents to Confiscate Soul Siphons (0/25)
  • Rid the area of the Magnet's Soul Wells that are draining the souls of the local citizens (0/10)
  • Intercept Magents carrying Soul Globes before they can deliver them to Faust (0/15)
  • Fend off Soulless around the Theater (0/15)
"Faust is feeding off these souls - so the fewer he gets, the better." — Oracle

Selectable RewardEdit

Weapon Type Name Style
Bow Demonhunter's Longbow Short Bow
Brawling Templeforged Knuckles Magical Claws
Dual Pistol Demonhunter's Pistols Plasma Pistol
Dual Wield Hellhoned Axes Thanagarian Tomahawk
Hand Blaster Demontouched Grips Runed Blaster Gloves
Martial Arts Hellsinew Claws Twinblade Katar
One-Handed Malebranche's Axe Eye Axe
Rifle Demonflayer Rifle Flamethrower
Shield Timeshifted Bulwark Multi-Plated Shield
Staff Exterminator's Staff Staff
Two-Handed Demonhunter's Axe Necro Axe

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