Sparring target

A Sparring Target.

Sparring Targets are level 30 hologram-like opponents found beneath the War Room in the Watchtower and in the Hall of Doom. They also appear in simulation-based instances like Legends PvP and the T5 solo instances (Iconic Anomaly: The Hunt, Iconic Anomaly: Test Subject #1). They have a very large amount of health, heal themselves gradually, and heal completely after a while. They do not retaliate or grant xp. They seem to have a willpower of 100, meaning that players need a Dominance of at least 100 to apply crowd control (e.g. stun) to them. If the player moves them from their original position, they would always run back to the exact spot.

Since the release of Home Turf player bases can get a sparring target as base amenity. Their appearance differs for the various base themes.



  • Around August 2013, the Sparring Targets in the Watchtower are moved slightly towards north and the vendors, Beast Boy and Ambush Bug are moved south to their original positions.
  • The Sparring Targets in the Watchtower seems to be based on Solomon Grundy and Two-Face, while the ones in the Hall of Doom seems to be based on Aquaman and Robin.
Sparring target power restore

A Sparring Target restores the player's power.

  • The hit counter is usually disabled while attacking Sparring Targets, preventing players from achieving certain feats against them. This also affects supercharge gain, but not damage bonus from powers.
  • When attacking Sparring Targets, it is possible to hear generic civilian voice overs.
  • When moved from their original positions, they always try to run back to the spot. Players often use displacement abilities (e.g. Inescapable Storm) to move them as a form of amusement.
  • It is possible to "dodge" Sparring Targets' power restore by stealth.
  • Sparring Targets have an equipped Combat Rating of 126. This was later reflected in their defensive stats, which causes them to take greatly reduced damage compared to pre-level 30 mobs.

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