The Gotham River feeds both the Finger River and the Sprang River from the west, which both in turn feeds into the Bob Kane Sound of Miller Harbor to the east.


  • Hippolyta's loyalist forces have encamped the entire southern shore of the river while Wonder Woman's rebel forces have encamped on the northern shore. Both factions are using the Gotham Rail bridges to cross over the river to fight each other in Gotham Under Siege. The skies above the river itself are filled with Cockatrice and Golden Eagles carrying bombs intended for use against the other faction. Both factions of Amazonian Ballistae set up on the roof of the Gotham Freight Yards (Wonder Woman's rebels) and Gotham Mercy Hospital (Hippolyta's loyalists) to shoot down these aerial forces and to cover the rail bridges used by the opposing faction.





  • Sprang River is an allusion to Dick Sprang; a comic book artist and penciller, best known for his work on Batman during the period fans and historians call "the Golden Age of Comic Books".

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