Steelworks Robot Protocols is a collection of Investigations that can be found scattered across the Steelworks area in the city of Metropolis, near quest objectives for the story arc "_". There are 6 parts that comprise this set.

 Synopsis Edit


Name Description Location Image

Reward Edit

Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection hero players receive a message from Steel (heroes) or T.O. Morrow (villains), accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Steel Subject: Prototype Protocols
"These intercepted transmissions from my Steelworks construction units are a testimonial to their solid build and A.I.. I’m proud of the way my robots have responded to the threat at Steelworks. Thanks for gathering up these protocol recordings."
Attachment: Briny Round Table


Mail icon From: T.O. Morrow Subject:
Attachment: Briny Round Table


This collection rewards the player with the Briny Round Table base item.



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