""The HIVE is not just after the Exobytes, they've kidnapped my top scientists as well, Idiots. Get those pathetic weaklings out and shut down the base. And if you find any STAR Labs researchers, no need to liberate them anything but their information. Got me?"" — Lex Luthor

Stirring the HIVE is a mission in The HIVE Gets Stung! story arc provided to low level Meta Villains.

Background Edit

The H.I.V.E. along with Queen Bee are being controlled by Brainiac. Help Lex Luthor stop Brainiac's influence over them and gather the exobytes for Society's personal gain.

Objectives Edit

  • Enter HIVE Base.
  • Locate Scientists (Count: 4).
  • Deactivate force field.
  • Find and Eliminate Queen Bee

Non-Player Characters Edit



  • None

Rewards Edit


Once Queen Bee gets defeated, the mission gets renamed to "HIVE Busting" in the Journal.