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The style window is where you setup the graphic (style) you wish to display on parts of your avatar. The styles are based on what you have found and "collected". Here you may also change the colors assigned to each piece.
This is also where you will go to lock or unlock the different slots. The purpose of locking an equipment slot is so that the graphic will not change as you change the gear,you acquire.

To access the Style Window from any window go to the bottem of the menu and select the second from the left icon. (It looks like a Domino Face Item.) This tab will open the Style Window and from here you can change your appearence as you see fit from the Style Sets you have obtained thus far.

The different slots you may lock or pick a style for are:

Known IssuesEdit

Gear specific coloursEdit

When changing any of the 3 main colors via the palette, gear-specific colour slot changes will appear to be reset. To restore them, open a gear color window and click Accept, then Save in the Style window. You do not need to change anything to do this.

Primary WeaponEdit

Using the Reset function will always select the top-most style for your weapon.

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