See Also: Player Briefings Sun Doller is a Franchise Briefing that can be found in various districts of Gotham. There are four parts that comprise this briefing.

Synopsis Edit

"Collect all the briefings that advertise for Sun Doller!"

Briefings Edit

Part 1: Sun Doller: Speed Force Edit

Sun Doller - Speed Force
  • Location: One block East of the Diamond District GCPD Station at the Stagg Stop, near the payphone.
  • Briefing : Announcer: "The sun is shining! If you need energy fast, try our speedforce double-caf blast. It's always sunny at Sun Doller!"

Part 2: Sun Doller: Fire and Ice Edit

Sun Doller - Fire & Ice
  • Location: 3 blocks South of the East End Police Station behind the Stagg Stop, next to some dumpsters.
  • Briefing : Announcer: "The sun is shining! Wake up with our Fire and Ice spiced iced coffee. It's always sunny at Sun Doller."

Part 3: Sun Doller: Meta-Potential Edit

Sun Doller - Meta-Potential
  • Location: Go to the southwest corner. It is beside a water silo.
  • Briefing : Announcer: "The sun is shining! Unlock your potential with our new meta-potential herbal boost in your morning coffee. It's always sunny at Sun Doller!"

Part 4: Sun Doller: Kahndaq Edit

Sun Dollar - Kahnduq Sun Dollar - Kahnduq Map
  • Location: Mid-east section of the map, behind the newsstand.
  • Briefing : Announcer: "The sun is shining! Come in and try our new Kahndaq spice double blended. It's always sunny at Sun Doller!"


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Booster Gold, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon


Mail icon From: Booster Gold Subject: Wake Up Call
"Booster Gold here! Well done seeking out Sun Doller's delicious flavor. It's always sunny for me, Booster Gold, at Sun Doller!"
Attachment: STAR Labs Security Helmet


This collection rewards the player with the STAR Labs Security Helmet head item.

Head21 3



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