The Fortress of Solitude: Sunstone Matrix is an area within the Fortress of Solitude where Superman stores the fortress' supply of Kryptonian Sunstone Crystals.

In-Game HistoryEdit

  • Brainiac has been purged from the Fortress, but General Zod has taken control of the Sunstone Crystal Matrix. If left unchecked, Zod's new Kryptonian Army will use the power of the Sunstones and the Fortress to storm the Earth!



Sunstone Matrix map

While this raid shares part of its map with Fortress of Solitude: Power Core, only the direct path to the Matrix, marked by the ! mark, is accessible.


The Sunstone Matrix is, by far, the shortest of the three Fortress of Solitude raids, but it could be very difficult if the players are not paying attention.

The raid is basically a single long boss battle in an enclosed chamber. There would first be a few waves of soldiers (several of each of infantry, sniper and medic) while Non, Ursa and Zod cannot be attacked as they are behind a forcefield.

The medics are the most dangerous of the three. They have a special attack in which they surround themselves in a red aura, and blast out energy waves after a few seconds if they are hit by a weapon attack, dealing extreme damage (over 3000) to all targets in a fairly large area. The only way of evading this is to get out of the way immediately once the red aura appears - there is no overhead dangerous attack icon. It would take at least two dodges to be safely out of range.

The infantry and snipers are much less deadly in comparison, hitting only 300s, although the infantry has a spin attack that hits all targets in melee range with 300s and the snipers has a stunning attack that hits over 1000.

After a few waves of soldiers have been defeated, Non joins the fight. Occasionally, two sunstone guardians along with a random soldier (medic, infantry or sniper) would spawn. Deal with them first or they would stack. The guardians appear to have a powerful stomp attack, but they don't have much health and should be quick to take down even from a distance. The pattern is continued for Ursa and Zod. Ursa would attack when Non is defeated, and Zod would attack when Ursa is defeated. The fight against the three kryptonians are actually easier because less medics appear.

Briefs and InvestigationsEdit



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