Teleporter Rift Watchtower

Upon the defeat of the Mechabyte, another Teleporter Rift opens up in th Watchtower.

Superman's Doom Hall of Doom

The bad place.

Superman's Doom is a level 30 meta hero mission started once the player defeats the Mechabyte during Message in a Bottle.

Fight to free yourself and Superman from the Hall of Doom.


  • Save Superman


Step through the Teleporter Rift in the Watchtower or at the end of the Daily Planet Building instance.

The player arrives as the Hall of Doom, the headquarters of supervillains. Calculator's coding prevents Oracle from getting coordinates of the lair.

"Well. This is bad. This is - the Hall of Doom. And I cannot lock onto any sort of coordinates thanks to Calculator's coding. From that trail of fire, Superman is here. And it's up to you [sic]get him out! Good - [breaks up, falls out]" — Oracle

The player first encounters Metallo. He is fairly easy, but the player could hack the controls near him to turn the EMP Combat Orbs he summon against him. The orbs don't do much damage and they respawn endlessly when defeated, so focus on Metallo.

"Metallo is down, repeat, Metallo is down, station alert!" — Calculator

A swarm of level 15 Security Bots, Security Androids and Security Mechs appear. They are very easy, with only the Mech being a slight threat being able to stun and charge-punch a player.

"Sivana, you and I are going to have a little word about your freaking useless security bots." — Calculator

Enter The Pit at ground floor.

Defeat Cheetah. She is also quite easy, just get out of the way when she is "enraged".

"Great, Cheetah is down. Could someone please go to the meta wing and stop this fool." — Calculator

Two large waves of Security Bots and a Security Mech are summoned. While the player may be knocked out, they could simply return and resume. Operate the controls next to the doors to the Meta Wing. Super-Strength is very useful here; the player could pick up the piece of large machinery in Metallo's Chamber and wipe out a whole wave of bots with a single well-aimed throw at the middle of the mob.

The Overlord and two bots are behind the door. They are another pushover battle, defeat them and continue.

Lex Luthor and Superman are found on the upper floor of the next room.

Luthor is surprisingly easy, no particularly hard hits, but with pretty large knock backs. With the healing barrels around he shouldn't be too hard. Evade him when he generates a green sphere around himself, as damage dealt against him is greatly decreased. Watch out when he shouts "Fool!" as he fires a barrage of rockets. Dodge this by being out of the same height with him as he could only fire it horizontally.

"No...your power...too much for I am Lex Luthor!" — Lex Luthor
"Yes! Take THAT, Calculator! I'm back online for the moment - oh no, get Superman out of that kryptonite cage, I'll teleport you both to the Watchtower! And - when you get there, let Supergirl know Superman is alive. She's been ringing my ear off this entire time." — Oracle

Free Superman. Watch the headline, then escape through the teleporter. The mission changes to A New Day Dawning.



  • While Superman being teleported to the Hall of Doom may serve as a suitable plot twist, it is completely spoiled by the journal message.

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