Suppressor Turret is a Gadgets power that becomes available at Level 24.


Cooldown: 1.5s
Power Cost: 300


Deploy a mobile turret armed with a range of ammunition.
While in combat with your Suppressor Turret alive, your passive power regeneration is reduced.
Hold the Suppressor Turret button for three seconds to banish it.

Power Interactions :

Back Equipment ModsEdit

Back Equipment Mods are available for this power:


Gauss Grenade, Taser Pull, Napalm Grenade, Thermite Mine, Cryo-field, Cryo-Foam, Implosion Mine, Cuff'Em, Holographic Decoy, Stasis Field, Stealth and Neural Neutralizer can be used to set up Suppressor Turret for additional damage.



Pets have various abilities that are randomly used on enemies that its controller is attacking

  • Primary Attack - Fires a shot to damage enemies
  • Grenade - Fires a grenade to damage and push back enemies.
  • Flamethrower - Unleashes a flamethrower blast at point-blank range (Inflicts Burning)
  • Self-Destruct Signal - Deals lethal damage to self and causes AoE damage to enemies in close range (activated by player)

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