Survival of the Fittest
Gorilla Grodd

Level 5 Hero Story Arc

Mentor Superman
Zone Metropolis
Region Little Bohemia
Instance(s) Gorilla Grodd's Lab
Boss(es) Gorilla Grodd

Briefing Survival of the Fittest
Investigation Gorilla Bomb Components

Survival of the Fittest: Episode 1 is a hero story arc only available to characters that selected Superman as their mentor at character creation. It takes place in the city of Metropolis, within the Little Bohemia district, and is assigned to characters upon completion of the introductory mission Save the World.

Background Edit

Gorilla Grodd has launched an attack on Metropolis' Little Bohemia district. The streets have been overrun by his gorilla army, and both devolution units and neural arrays are being installed so that Grodd can transform the populace into mind-controlled ape servants. S.T.A.R. Labs has responded to the threat, and their agents seek to gather information on Grodd's technologies so that they can be overcome. Additionally, the Flash has managed to located Grodd's secret lab, but after entering the building to confront the gorilla mastermind, all contact with the Flash was lost.

Missions Edit

Survival of the Fittest: Episode 1 consists of five missions that comprise the story arc's primary story line. In addition, two side missions are available that are linked to this primary plot, but not required for its completion.

Side missions Edit

NPCs Edit

Enemy Mobs 

Deeds Edit

Feats Edit

Briefings Edit

Investigations Edit

Headline Edit

Upon completion of the mission The Hunt for Grodd, characters are rewarded the story arc's headline, Simian Sucker Punch.

Gorilla Grodd DC Universe Online Headline - Simian Sucker Punch!00:47

Gorilla Grodd DC Universe Online Headline - Simian Sucker Punch!

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