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Survival of the Fittest: Episode 1 is a Episode Briefing That can be found in the Little Bohemia district of Metropolis. There are six parts that comprise this briefing, all of which can be found south and east of the Little Bohemia Police Department; this briefing is part of the Survival of the Fittest Story Arc.

Synopsis Edit

"Grodd and Flash face off on the Little Bohemia Boardwalk!"

Gorilla Grodd's army of intelligent apes has launched an invasion of Metropolis' Little Bohemia district. They are utilizing advanced devolution and mind-control technologies in order to turn citizens into gorillas, powerless to resist Grodd's mental commands. While S.T.A.R. Labs scrambles to find the means of overcoming these transformations, the Flash has discovered and infiltrated Grodd's hidden base, though contact with the speedster has since been lost.

Briefs Edit

Part 1: Lois Lane Edit

Briefing, Survival 1 Part 1 Map, Little Bohemia, Survival 1 Part 1
  • Location: Street level, at the base of the ruined Queensland Boardwalk Ferris Wheel
  • Briefing : Lois Lane: "Lois Lane and Daily Planet Live: Breaking News. The Metropolis waterfront is under attack by the hyper-intelligent ape, Gorilla Grodd, and his army. Experts say Grodd's devolution technology can control unsuspecting minds, turning humans into primitive slaves. Grodd's long-time nemesis, the Flash, is on the scene with the Metropolis Police Department. More as it comes."

Part 2: Lois Lane Edit

Briefing, Survival 1 Part 2 Map, Little Bohemia, Survival 1 Part 2
  • Location: Roof level, two blocks east of Lieutenant Harlin. Look for a low rise building with trees and sky lights on the roof. It's also easily seen from the Police Dept.
  • Briefing : Lois Lane: "This is Lois Lane and Daily Planet Live, with an update on Earth's greatest defender, Superman. Called the Man of Steel, Superman came to Earth after his own planet, Krypton, was destroyed. He uses his amazing powers to champion truth and justice, and now, to mentor our new heroes alongside Batman and Wonder Woman."

Part 3: Vicki Vale Edit

Briefing, Survival 1 Part 3 Map, Little Bohemia, Survival 1 Part 3
  • Location: Street level, in a plaza one block east of Lieutenant Harlin
  • Briefing : Vicki Vale: "This is Vickie Vale with a special JLA Watch on The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive. He's usually found speeding through Keystone, in Central City, but with the rise of the new heroes and villains he's breaking the sound barrier in Gotham, Metropolis, and anywhere else his super speed can take him. Wherever there's trouble, he'll be there in a flash."

Part 4: Jack Ryder Edit

Briefing, Survival 1 Part 4 Map, Little Bohemia, Survival 1 Part 4
  • Location: Roof level, three blocks east and one block south of Lieutenant Harlin or four blocks south of Little Bohemia Police department
  • Briefing : Jack Ryder: "I'm Jack Ryder, and you are wrong. Why? Because deep inside you lives a primal, savage beast, and Gorilla Grodd is going to set it free. He has mind control. He has an entire army of intelligent apes. He's going to use his advanced devolution technology to turn us into them. If you think you can break the laws of the jungle, you are sadly deluded, friend. In fact, you are wrong."

Part 5: Lex Luthor Edit

Briefing, Survival 1 Part 5 Map, Little Bohemia, Survival 1 Part 5
  • Location: Street level, two blocks south and two blocks west of Lieutenant Harlin Travel west from Harlin along the water. The token is near the building with the grassy surroundings (underneath one of Grodd's floating platforms).
  • Briefing : Lex Luthor: "Grodd, this is Luthor. Don't expect the Society to get involved in your little schemes, unless you can show any possible benefit to us. I own Metropolis! So, make all the apes you like; just remember who's boss."

Part 6: Superman Edit

Briefing, Survival 1 Part 6 Map, Little Bohemia, Survival 1 Part 6
  • Location: Roof level, three blocks south and three blocks east of Lieutenant Harlin Look for high rise with blue and white vertical "stripes".
  • Briefing : Superman: "Superman to the Metropolis Police Department. The Flash is tracking down Grodd, backed by our new heroes. All citizens are at risk from Grodd's devolution and mind-control technology, so clear the area if you can."

Meta briefings Edit

Survival of the Fittest: Episode 1 is one of two briefings that comprise the meta briefing Survival of the Fittest.

See Survival of the Fittest: Episode II for more information about the other briefing in the set.

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of this briefing collection players receive a message from Lois Lane, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail message Edit

Mail icon From: Lois Lane Subject: Briefing: Survival of the Fittest I
""Daily Planet News Brief: With Grodd defeated and the Flash freed, all of Little Bohemia breathes a sigh of relief! For Daily Planet Live, this has been Lois Lane.""
Attachment: Polished Quiver


Completing this briefing rewards the Polished Quiver back item (Style: Archer).
Icon Back 002 Purple



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