Tablet of the Socialist Red Guardsman is a collectible belonging to the "Signs of the Great Ten" item collection. It can be looted from the Collection nodes found throughout Metropolis' Chinatown district.

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Tablet of the Socialist Red Guardsman is an item that can be looted from any of the Collection nodes found in the Chinatown district of Metropolis.

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The Tablet of the Socialist Red Guardsman is one of seven items that comprise the collection "Signs of the Great Ten".



  • The Socialist Red Guardsman is one of the oldest of China's "Super-Functionaries". As his body is highly radioactive, he is forced to wear a suit of containment armor made from Durlan technology to ensure that he does not poison the environment around him. Due to this circumstance, he lives like a hermit in an isolated stretch of the Gobi Desert due to the possible threat of causing a nuclear meltdown.

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