Tala is a mistress of her own part of Hell. Usually manipulating mortals into doing evil, she has also tried to unleash evil forces upon the world on various occasions. Tala is an enemy of the Phantom Stranger, whom she has tried to destroy and/or seduce also on various occasions.

Involvement Edit

Heroes Edit

  • Doctor Fate employs a task force of heroes to stop Tala from creating an army of magical monsters from the chaos consuming Gotham City.

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Trivia Edit

  • Tala first appeared in Phantom Stranger #4 (November–December 1969)
  • Tala has occasionally waited tables in the nightclub "Bewitched"; a nightclub owned by the sorcerer Tannarak, whom Tala has been romantically involved with. Located in San Francisco the nightclub was reportedly destroyed during the Spectre's rampage against magic during the Infinite Crisis.

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