Armor Sockets Colors and Mods Edit

I was wondering about sockets colors and the respective mods. For example, a Yellow Mod gives the extra armor bonus if placed on a Yellow Socket of any armor. But I have seen that an Orange Mod can also be placed in a Yellow Socket and give that same extra bonus.

My question is, what is the rule? For example does a Green Mod will also give the bonus in a Yellow Socket or does it have do be the Blue Socket?

~A mod will give the socket bonus to whichever socket of it's respective color(s). For instance, Green mods colors are Yellow and Blue. As it says on the in-game description, it will give you the socket bonus for either of those sockets. You can actually tell which ones go where by the make-up of the color. (Yellow and Blue make Green. Red and Yellow make Orange.) The colors used to make the color of the mod, are the sockets that the mod will award the socket bonus to.

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