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The Tank or Defensive role is one of the four roles available in DC Universe Online.
This role generally focuses on keeping the group safe by attracting opponents, taking damage in place of other group members and providing control immunity to the group.
Tank armor tends to have high Health and Dominance as well as high Defense or Toughness.
The symbol that represents a tank is a Shield. 


In order to acquire the Tank Role, you must select Atomic, Earth, Fire, Ice or Rage as your power set. Once you reach level 10, you will automatically acquire the Tank Role. In the Tank role you will have increased defensive abilities.

In PVP, Tanks increase maximum Health by +1.45 per point of Dominance rather than increasing Defense, Health, Toughness and Absorption.

Mail MessagesEdit

Upon reaching level 10, players receive a message from Oracle or Calculator, accessible from any mail terminal.


Mail icon From: Oracle Subject: Tanks Very Much
"Ready to move mountains? You can in your new Tank Role! It boosts your defense and reduces your damage output. Check out the descriptions in the the Traits tab of you Communicator for more on role Bonuses. Plus, if the action gets too heated, you can always switch roles out of combat by using the up button (T on the keyboard)."
Attachment: Defender's Loop of Steel


Mail icon From: Calculator Subject:
Attachment: Defender's Loop of Steel


Health : The amount of damage a player can take in battle before being knocked out.

  • Fire Tanks increase Health by 60% after a power is used.

Dominance : Dominance increases the potency of certain defensive and healing abilities, and the duration of certain control effects (stuns, roots, levitations and encasements) from powers.

  • Dominance is doubled for all Tank power sets in Tank role.
  • Dominance must be higher than enemy Willpower for power control effects to be effective.
  • The recommended Dominance for an Alert, Raid or Operation is needed to affect opponents in that content when using power based control effects.
  • 4 points of Dominance increases base healing by 1%.
  • Power control effect duration is increased by 1 second for every 500 Dominance.
  • Tank and Iconic Shields prevent damage equal to Dominance + Restoration.
  • Earth Tanks gain 1 point of Defense for every point of Dominance after a power is used.
  • Fire Tanks gain 2.2 points of Health for every point of Dominance after a power is used.
  • Rage Tanks increase Health by two-thirds Dominance for each nearby enemy after a power is used.

Defense : Reduces incoming damage from Non Player enemies.

  • 71 Defense reduces NPC damage by 1% at Level 30.
  • Defense is capped at 75% damage mitigation.
  • Ice Tanks increase Defense by 90% after a power is used.

Restoration : Restoration increases Healing and increases the potency of certain defensive abilities.

  • 4 points of Restoration increases base healing by 1%.
  • Tank and Iconic Shields prevent damage equal to Restoration + Dominance.

Critical Healing Chance & Critical Healing Magnitude : Affects Fire Self Healing powers.

Tank Role PowersEdit


Any active power cast by a Tank will Taunt opponents in a defined area.
Some powers Taunt in an area around the caster while other powers Taunt in an area around a target.
Most active powers can Taunt up to 8 opponents within the effect area.
Each Tank power set has a single target Taunt that will override a normal Tank Taunt.
A Taunt will raise the Tank to the top of an opponent's Threat table for twelve seconds and can not be normally overwritten. Taunts can not be renewed until ten seconds after the initial Taunt.
Active Iconic and Movement tree powers taunt opponents just as power tree powers.
Note that Boss level opponents have scripted attacks that target an opponent based on certain criteria during which any Taunt will be temporarily ineffective until the scripted attack is completed.

Single Target TauntsEdit

A single target taunt can be useful to split a boss from a group of opponents when running two Tanks.

Power Set Powers
Earth Stone
Fire Fireball
Ice Frost Snipe
Rage Rage Blast
Iconic Mesmerizing Lasso

Group Control ImmunityEdit

Each Tank power set has group control immunity powers that provide Control Effect Immunity to group members and prevent Controller debuffs for 3 seconds.

Power Set Powers
Earth Soothing Sands, Unstoppable
Fire Burning Determination, Burnout, Eternal Flame
Ice Shatter Restraints, Winter Ward
Rage Ferocity, Ire

Positioning PowersEdit

Positioning or Pulling powers are useful to drag opponents toward the tank.
All positioning powers require a Dominance check to pull an opponent.

Power Set Powers
Earth Earthen Grip, Epicenter
Fire Backdraft
Ice Inescapable Storm
Rage Eviscerating Chain, Ragebringer, Without Mercy
Acrobatics Grapple Line Attack
Flight, Skimming Low Pressure
Iconic Mesmerizing Lasso
Super Speed Tornado Pull

Control ResistanceEdit

A few Tank powers increase Control Resistance by 10%.

Power Set Powers
Earth Soothing Sands
Fire Enflame, Immolation
Ice Bitter Winds, Cold Snap
Rage Severe Punishment

Damage PreventionEdit

Power Set Powers
Earth Gemstone Shield
Ice Bitter Winds, Hibernation, Ice Elemental, Reflection, Shatter Restraints, Winter Ward
Rage Redirected Rage
Iconic Amazonium Deflection, Clown Box, Hard Light Shield
Acrobatics Perfect Poise
Flight, Skimming Dustoff
Super Speed Dash Attack, Phase Dodge

Self HealsEdit

Power Set Powers
Earth EnvelopSoothing Sands
Fire Burning Determination, Burnout, Eternal Flame, Reignition, Stoke Flames
Requires Burning
Absorb Heat, Backdraft, Fiery Weapon, Overheat, Wildfire
Ice Hibernation, Ice Elemental
Rage Ire, Relentless Anger, Severe Punishment, Vindictive
Requires Damage Out
Channel Hate, Rage Blast, Ragebringer, Remorseless Recovery, Without Mercy
Iconic Pheromone Bloom, Word of Power
Super Speed Metabolic Boost

Usable While ControlledEdit

Power Set Powers
Earth Envelop, Gemstone Shield, Soothing Sands,  Unstoppable
Fire Backdraft, Burning Determination, Burnout, Immolation, Reignition, Stoke Flames
Ice Hibernation, Ice Elemental, Reflection, Shatter Restraints, Winter Ward
Rage Berserk, Ferocity, Ire, Redirected Rage, Severe Punishment, Vindictive, Without Mercy

Earth Tanking Edit

See Also: List of Earth Powers

Earth Tanks gain Damage Absorption and may Transfer additional damage to a Pet.
Using a power in Tank role will grant 25% Damage Absorption and will increase Defense and Toughness by 1 point for every point of Dominance.
Jackhammer or Aftershocks from Gemstone Shield and Upheaval will increase Damage Absorption.
A portion of incoming damage will transfer automatically to a summoned Brick Golem.
Reinforce transfers incoming damage from the team member with the lowest Health to the caster.

Useful Earth PowersEdit


Fire TankingEdit

See Also: List of Fire Powers

Fire Tanks gain Health and Healing received bonuses and may use multiple Self Heals to restore Health.
Using a power in Tank role will increase Health by 60% and any Healing received increases by 80%.
Fire Tanks also gain 2.2 additional Health for every point of Dominance and receive an increase in Restoration with item level 81 or higher gear. 
Fire Self Heals include Absorb Heat, Backdraft, Burning Determination, Wildfire, Burnout, Overheat, Fiery Weapon, Stoke Flames, Eternal Flame and Reignition.

Useful Fire PowersEdit


Ice TankingEdit

See Also: List of Ice Powers

Ice Tanks gain Defense and Toughness bonuses and may use multiple shields to prevent damage.
Using a power in Tank role will increase a character's Defense and Toughness by 90%.
Ice Shields include Reflection, Winter Ward, Bitter Winds, Shatter Restraints and Ice Elemental.

Useful Ice PowersEdit


Rage TankingEdit

See Also: List of Rage Powers

Rage Tanks gain Health based on the number of enemies and may temporarily defer damage.
Using a power in Tank role increases Health by two-thirds of their Dominance for each nearby enemy.
Relentless Anger and Severe Punishment activate a Rage mode that defers damage into a Rage Crash.
Several Rage powers have mechanics that reduce or ignore the delayed Rage Crash damage.
Some Rage powers heal based on outgoing damage.

Useful Rage PowersEdit

Skills and Iconic PowersEdit

Movement SkillsEdit

Movement Innate Skills
Passive Movement Skills are important to Tanks as they provide additional Resistance to Control Effects and restore Power after a Breakout. 

Skill Movement Trees
Breakout Mastery Acrobatics, Flight, Skimming, Super Speed
Knockback Resistant Acrobatics, Super Speed
Restraint Resistant Flight, Skimming, Super Speed
Stun Resistant  Acrobatics, Flight, Skimming
Knockback Recovery Acrobatics, Super Speed
Restraint Recovery Flight, Skimming, Super Speed
Stun Recovery Acrobatics, Flight, Skimming

Movement Active Skills
Active Movement Skills will Taunt and activate Tank role bonuses just as super powers found in the main trees. Skill Points are used to purchase Movement Skills allowing additional Tank loadout options.

Function Powers
Targeted Pull

Acrobatics : Grapple Line Attack
FlightSkimming : Low Pressure
Super Speed : Tornado Pull

Control Breakout

Acrobatics : Launching Roll
Flight : Air Burst
Skimming : Typhoon Flip
Super Speed : Whirling Dervish

Control Breakout Supercharge

Acrobatics : Perfect Poise
FlightSkimming : Dustoff
Super Speed : Metabolic Boost

Damage Absorption

Acrobatics : Perfect Poise
FlightSkimming : Dustoff
Super Speed : Dash Attack, Phase Dodge

Crowd Control

Acrobatics : Forward Flip Attack, Throwing Knives
Flight : Downdraft Attack, High Pressure
Skimming : Cyclonic Burst, Spin Draft
Super Speed : Cyclone Push

Passive Iconic PowersEdit

A few Passive Iconic powers may be useful to Tanks if Power points are available:

Active Iconic PowersEdit

Iconic Powers will taunt and activate Tank role bonuses just as super powers found in the main trees.

Weapon StylesEdit

Always spec into Weapon Mastery on the equipped weapon to gain Resistance to Control Effects when using Weapon Combos. Also spec into the +50 Health / +7 Dominance bottom tier skills to increase survivability.
Weapon combos can be used as Crowd Control mechanisms as some Knockdown, Stun, Juggle or Push opponents. Weapon Interrupt and Block Break combos should be used to counter opponents granting you temporary immunity.
Brawling and Hand Blast should be the first Weapon trees to spec into for stats as Health and Dominance are first tier skills. Health is also a first tier skill in One-Handed, Rifle, Shield and Two-Handed. Dominance is a first tier skill in Dual Wield and Staff. Defense is a first tier skill in Bow, Dual Pistols, Dual Wield, Martial Arts and Staff. Refer to the Weapon Types page for a breakdown of innate bonuses.

Equipment ModsEdit

Placing Equipment Mods in slots can boost stats and improve performance.
Color Mods should match a socket color to gain bonus affinity stats.
Tactical Mods require Lair System access.

Slot Mod
Blue Slots Dominance & Health or Health
Yellow Slots Restoration & Health or Health & Power
Red Slots Precision & Health or Might & Health
Weapon Slot Absorption Adapter
Neck Slot Fortified Blocking
Back White Slot Breakout Protection or Breakout Regeneration
Feet White Slot Deadly Block or Explosive Block
Chest White Slot Core Strength or Reserve Tank
Hands White Slot Regenerative Shielding

General StrategyEdit

It is the job of a tank to reduce the overall damage a group takes. A Tank should disable and taunt enemies whenever possible with area effect powers that knockdown, juggle or stun. Pulling enemies and gathering them in one large group will make this easier. Powerful attacks should be dodged by moving out of range or breaking line of sight.

Blocking is extremely effective if done right. It will reduce incoming damage by 75%, interrupt most weapon combos by stunning the attacker and provide protection against most crowd control effects. A Tank should always block if overwhelmed, if the healer can't keep up with the damage or if a big attack is coming and can not be dodged. However, blocking too long may strain power generation and cause enemies to bypass the Tank as active powers are necessary to taunt opponents.


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