Tech Villains learn after the Joker and joins him in spreading madness in Gotham.

Tech villains' first mission is to assist the Falcone gang and defend them from the cops. Tech villains must release cuffed Falcone gang members, attach bombs to police cars, and take out the police. Eventually, the villains will be told to enter the Gotham Warehouse to reclaim an arms shipment, along the way meeting Catwoman. The villains then fight their way through the warehouse with Catwoman's help, and eventually Huntress shows up on the scene to secure the weapon shipment in the warehouse. The player must then assist Catwoman and defeat Huntress. Afterwards, Huntress flees and the players are told to meet with Catwoman at the night club.

Once the player reaches level 15, the Joker contacts them and assigns them to infiltrate the Gotham City GCPD Special Crimes Unit and steal their exobyte research. Soon the player finds Clayface imprisoned in the police station. The player must free Clayface and proceed to hack their main computer and steal the exobyte research. Afterwards, the Joker calls them down to the Regal Hotel. The player must team up with some of the Joker's clowns and defeat all of the GCPD inside the hotel. Once the player has fought through the GCPD, they meet up with the Joker in the ballroom. Batman then storms in and the player must assist the Joker and fend off Batman, while keeping Joker's bombs active.

At level 30, the player is yet again summoned by the Joker, this time they must infiltrate T.O. Morrow's Hideout and confront him personally. While in his hideout, the player must fight off Morrow's multiple robots and avoid his security system. Before reaching the Joker and Morrow, the player is confronted by Red Tornado and must defeat him in order to reach the Joker. Once the player has done so, they arrive to find that the Joker and Harley (as well as Batman and Robin) have been infected by a new Joker toxin developed by T.O. Morrow. Morrow then flees before the player can confront him, but the player must then face Batman again. Joker assists until Batman imprisons him. Once the player has beaten Batman, they are then called by Calculator to stop a Brainiac invasion on star labs. In doing so, the player unintentionaly releases a robotic clone of Joker who sets out to seek and assassinate the real Joker. The player must then travel to Arkham Asylum and defend the Joker from his robot clone. Afterwards, the player may release or zap the Joker. Afterwards, the player is called down to the Hall of Doom and then becomes an official teammate of the Joker.

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