The Awakening, also sometimes referred to as It's A Big Scary World Out There, is the common mission first encountered by all characters beginning the game. Brainiac has been gathering new heroes and villains in order to harvest their exobyte data. As one of these captives, players break free from containment to find themselves on a Brainiac Harvester Ship, and must fight their way to freedom.

If the player logs out during the mission, they would be returned to the first chamber.

Background Edit

Escaping one of the containment holds in a Brainiac Harvester Ship, players must fight their way to safety with the aid of Oracle or The Calculator. Along the way, it is revealed that the ship contains an invasion force awaiting deployment; players must disable its weapons and destroy the ship before completing their escape.

Destroy all four glowing yellow generators, and the Brainiac Ship Guardian would attack. When a purple aura appears around it (the player would receive a warning), immediately flee to the other end of the area to avoid the attack (or simply block the attack), and go back to attack immediately to take advantage of its recharging.

After defeating it, Superman/Lex Luthor (depending on alignment) would teleport in and Brainiac would send in waves of robots. Players need not get involved - Superman/Lex Luthor is more than a match for them.

It should be noted that if the player is knocked out at the same time the Guardian is destroyed, do NOT click Esc to flee - wait till Superman/Lex Luthor destroys all robots, and then click Esc so you could simply talk to continue.

Summary Edit

"Fight free of Brainiac's Harvester ship by following {Oracle/The Calculator}'s instructions."

Objectives Edit

  • Escape from Brainiac Harvester Ship
    • Defeat Guard
    • Defeat All Guards (0/5)
    • Defeat Overseer
    • Escape using Transport Tube (505 xp)
    • Get Past Patrols
    • Escape through Transport Tube
    • Hack the controls to ambush Brainiac Overseers
    • Defeat Security (1333 xp)
    • Defeat Overseer patrol (0/5)
    • Enter the Control Room
    • Destroy Power Couplings (0/4)
    • Defeat the Guardian
    • Fight alongside {Superman/Lex Luthor}
    • Speak to {Superman/Lex Luthor}
    • Exit via Teleporter

Non-Player Characters Edit




Rewards Edit

  • Headline: It's a Big, Scary World Out There

Placed Items Edit

A number of specific items are placed throughout this mission, their location fixed in a way that all will be acquired by a character during the mission's normal completion.

Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this mission, players receive a message from Oracle or Calculator, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon


Mail icon From: Oracle Subject: A Little Something
"Welcome to the good fight! Not everyone makes it out of those ships alive, and we still aren't sure what happens to those who don't. So here's a little memento from me to honor our escape! And definitely check your email often. We can always use a hero with your kind of firepower."
Attachment: Mask of the Victor

Mail icon


Mail icon From: Calculator Subject: A Little Something
"Well, look who survived! And here I thought you were bot chow. I think this will be a beeyootiful friendship. I've dropped you a little something from one of your less-fortunate fellow kidnapping victims as a hint to check your mail early and often. You just never know who might want a little villainy done."
Attachment: Mask of the Victor

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