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Battle for the Earth

Release March 13th, 2012

The Battle for Earth is a themed Downloadable Content Pack (DLC) for DC Universe Online originally released on March 13th 2012.

This pack includes a ninth power, Earth, for the player to use and the ability to visit the Island of Themyscira; home to Wonder Woman, and enter the bottled buildings in South Gotham. It also includes two new Group Combat Raids, a new Alert and a Duo all orientated around the continuing conflict with Brainiac.


The battle against Brainiac peaks as the tyrant attempts to claim the Flame of Change from Themyscira, with both Circe and Wonder Woman uniting their forces to stop him.

Meanwhile, Batman notes new activity in the southern districts of Gotham City and learns of Brainiac's forces amassing within and around the bottled buildings. From there he learns of Brainiac's ultimate plan to drill into the core of the planet and access the center of the Multiverse to change it into his own design.
Both heroes and villains amass together in a final confrontation to stop the tyrant, however, as the villain falls, Future Lex Luthor enacts his own plan to access the Multiversal core and gain unlimited power. Meanwhile, Future Batman, having survived Luthor's earlier betrayal, also arrives to stop him.






DC Universe Online DLC 3 The Battle for Earth Trailer01:14

DC Universe Online DLC 3 The Battle for Earth Trailer



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