Use the Joker's explosives to blow through the GCPD.


"Now the real fun begins. The police have the Falcone warehouse surrounded. Good thing all my explosives are still lying around! Get there and get the party started, will you? Haha!" — Joker
  • Retrieve Joker Explosives from Weapon Crate
  • Rig Cop Cars with Joker Carbombs (0/5)
    Retrieving explosives

    A player retrieving explosives.

  • Joker-Bomb Patrolmen (0/5)
  • Find and Weaken Police Firefight (0/25)
  • Re-Arm Fallen Mobsters (0/15)
"Only the Joker would make gag explosives. You have to admire that kind of sick mind." — Calculator

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