Defeat Joker's clowns attacking in Gotham's Burnley neighborhood, then investigate the location from Batman's decoded coordinates.


  • Travel to the Scene of the Joker Clown Attack in Burnley
"This is Batman. The Joker's clowns have no respect for human life, and today is no exception. But when this attack began, I received an obscure encoded signal. That can't be a coincidence. I need you to clean up the Joker's mess, while I decrypt the code." — Batman
  • Secure the Safety of Hostages (0/5)
  • Defuse Joker Bombs (0/15)
  • Defeat Joker Goons (0/20)
"Good work. Whatever's happening here is a part of a bigger plan. I've decoded the signal that began at the start of the attack, and it's a series of coordinates. I'm uploading the first one to your map now." — Batman
  • Travel to Decoded Coordinates
"The Riddler is back in action? Last I heard, he'd retired from a life of crime and started his own detective agency. But from these clues, he's slipping into his old criminal lifestyle. Huh. I wonder why." — Oracle

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