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This investigation is found on Oolong Island. Note: The building complex locations relate to the complexes in order of proximity to spawn location. i.e.: complex 5 is the large building the last boss is located in.

1. Corrupted Responsometer Schematic
Oolong investigation 1
On the docks by the first building
2. The Worm of Pestilence
Oolong investigation 2
Inside lab 4 in the 2nd complex
3. War's Gauntlet
Oolong investigation 3
Inside last and largest room in the 3rd complex
4. Famine's Staff
Oolong investigation 4
Inside the 4th complex to the left as you enter
5. Death's Skull
Oolong investigation 5

Back left of the last bosses room in the 5th complex


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this investigation players receive a message from Will Magnus or [[]], accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Will Magnus Subject: Dark Visions
"Chang Tzu's scientists brought forth the Four Horsemen. Now that this information you've gathered from Oolong is in the hands of saner men, we may have recourse when they rise again."
Attachment: Plated Promethium Leggings


Mail icon From: [[]] Subject:
Attachment: Plated Promethium Leggings


Icon Legs 001 Green

This investigation rewards the player with the Plated Promethium Leggings leg costume item (style: Contemporary Tech).

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