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This investigation is found on Oolong Island. Note: The building complex locations relate to the complexes in order of proximity to spawn location. i.e.: complex 5 is the large building the last boss is located in.

1. Corrupted Responsometer Schematic
Oolong investigation 1
On the docks by the first building
2. The Worm of Pestilence
Oolong investigation 2
Inside lab 4 in the 2nd complex
3. War's Gauntlet
Oolong investigation 3
Inside last and largest room in the 3rd complex
4. Famine's Staff
Oolong investigation 4
Inside the 4th complex to the left as you enter
5. Death's Skull
Oolong investigation 5

Back left of the last bosses room in the 5th complex

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