"Oh good, you're here. But guess what, I'm not! I'm leading Batty on merry chase around Gotham while Harley safeguards my new toxin formula. So make yourself at home! Check out my giant new Joker bombs. Dump them into the Funhouse air vents for a guaranteed gas! Hahahahaaa!''Joker

The Joker's Problem is a mission in The Last Laugh story arc provided to low level Villains.

Fend off the GCPD assaulting Amusement Mile.


The GCPD are doing a raid on Joker's hideout the Amusement Mile. Batman has sent Robin to capture and interrogate Harley Quinn, who is hiding within the funhouse. The player must help take down the cops and rescue Harley from being arrested.


"Ever get the feeling things aren't blowing up fast enough? Satisfy that urge and head over to the party I'm throwing at Amusement Mile. I'm testing my new toxin on the GCPD. It's a real blast!" — Joker
"Don't think I haven't noticed you. Joker's toxin is no joke. He and Harley are creating a new deadly version here at Amusement Mile. So if you want to stay healthy you'll leave. Now." — Batman

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