"Way to bust those ghosts! Listen, I was just in contact with Phantom Stranger - he's got a lead on the source of this chaos. He said something about a magical imposter, and childish revenge... Boy, that guy can be cryptic. Anyway, I've added the location to the On Duty tab of your Communicator. He'll meet you at the Midnight Masquerade nightclub." — Oracle
"Tala's tracked the mystical signature of her stolen powers to a goth club called - get this - The Midnight Masquerade. Sounds like an angsty good time, right? I've added the location to your On Duty tab. Queue up when you're ready. Tala will meet you inside." — Calculator

The Midnight Masquerade is a 4 man seasonal alert in The Witching Hour event.


The Midnight Masquerade, one of Gotham City's signature gothic clubs, has become host to the Witching Hour's last, and most frightful trick. Stop the haunting at its source.





  • Fight Klarion the Witch Boy
  • Place 2 crystals to disrupt Klarion to severe the link to stolen powers.
  • Place 2 crystals to disrupt Klarion to severe the link to stolen powers.
  • Place crystal to disrupt Klarion to severe the link to stolen Tala powers.
  • When Klarion summons Masked Apparitions, use the ecto-extraction charm to de-summon them.


Klarion would not take any damage when a red shield is up. When he reaches about 35% health, he would summon many masked apparitions and a yellow shield, which reduces damage by about 30%.




  • While players with at least level 5 can enter the instance, if they are below a certain level they will be given a stat boost while within the instance to stand a fighting chance. This is physically represented by a spectral "pumpkin" around their heads. All normal stats except Power is boosted; it has not be confirmed, but it seems that the special stats of the relevant role would be boosted while the other two would not (e.g. a Healer would have restoration boosted but not vitalization or dominance).
    The Witching Hour stat boost

    The stats of the same player with (above) and without (below) the stat boost.

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