The Perils of Zatanna is a mission unique to heroes that selected Wonder Woman as their Mentor at character creation. It is automatically granted to characters following the completion of the mission Heart and Soul; The Perils of Zatanna takes place in Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop, in the Chinatown district of the city of Metropolis.

Background Edit

Zatanna is being held captive by Soulless Thralls under the command of Felix Faust, restrained with a Spell of Silence that prevents her from using her magic to escape. Faust's Thralls hold her in Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop, in Metropolis' Chinatown district.

Summary Edit

"Break the Spell of Silence holding Zatanna captive at Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop."

Objectives Edit

  • Search Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop for Zatanna
    • Go to Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop to Continue Your Mission
    • Search the Magic Shop
    • Destroy the Soul Wells (0/2)
    • Protect Zatanna
    • Speak with Zatanna
    • Exit Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop

Rewards Edit

Oracle: "Good thing you broke that Spell of Silence, since Zatanna has to speak, backwards, to cast her spells."