The Search for Wonder Girl is a level 12 mission that is started at the completion of Bestiamorph Havoc and is completed in the Tomorrow District of Metropolis.

Interrogate and Search Circe's Bestiamorphs for information on where Giganta has taken Wonder Girl.


"That Prometheam flame will draw the information out of those Bestiamorphs, no matter how the poor beasts try to protect their mistress." — Wonder Woman
  • Speak to Lieutenant Pythia
  • Use the Promethean Flame on weakened Berserkers to find out what they know (0/5)
  • Find Circe's Marauder beasts and absorb the remains of Circe's Will from their defeated bodies (0/20)
"The kidnapping, those mystic stones - all this points to Circe creating a ritual to swap Giganta's mind into Wonder Girl's body. This is really big. Um, no pun intended." — Oracle

Upon completion, the mission Destroy the Barrier would automatically be started.


  • When fighting Berserkers and Marauders, note that only the ones clustered within the orange square marked on map works. Those outside does not count towards this mission.


  • $62 cash
  • 568 xp for each objective completed

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