See Multiplayer Aerial Movement Challenge: The Turbulent Path of Love if you are looking for the race from the recent event.

Race Icon Full
The Turbulent Path of Love

Multiplayer Flight Challenge

Instance Aphrodite's Realm
Travel Form Flight

Objective Times

Bronze 03:15.0
Silver 02:35.0
Gold 02:10.0
Platinum 01:55.0

The Turbulent Path of Love is a Race unique to the 2011 Valentine's Day Event. This race is a Multiplayer Flight Challenge that can be found within the event instance Aphrodite's Realm; characters participate in this race while under the instance's transformation effect, as either winged Cherubs or Imps.

Summary Edit

"Racers: Fly fast and true, or use every dirty trick in the book to make it to the end of this course first. Tip: Hearts of Devotion will give you a sudden boost of speed, while Hearts of Scorn will knock your opponents away!"

Special mechanics Edit

Two different types of hearts can be found along the race route, each encountered in sets of four. The first, Hearts of Devotion, are pink in color and provide a boost of speed when a character flies through them. The second, Hearts of Scorn, are a deep red, and knock nearby opposing racers off course when collected.

On completion Edit

Upon achieving a Platinum reward time for this race, players receive a message from Aphrodite accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail message Edit

Mail icon From: Aphrodite Subject: The Swift Pace of Passion
""Scorn or Devotion, it matters not when the heart is so fleeting! You have shown me that the arrow of true love flies straighter and swifter than any other. Please accept this token of my appreciation.""
Attachment: Romantic's Emblem

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