Name Location Map
1. T.O. Morrow
2. T.O. Morrow
The World of T.O. Morrow - T.O. Morrow 2

On a pipe in the middle of the plant.

3. T.O. Morrow
Briefings the world of T O Morrow 3-8

Just under the bridge as you cross onto Arkham island

4. T.O. Morrow
5. T.O. Morrow
6. T.O. Morrow
7. T.O. Morrow
8. T.O. Morrow


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection hero players receive a message from Steel, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon


Mail icon From: Steel Subject: Musings of Tomorrow
"Morrow sure enjoys the sound of his own voice. Hopefully, listening to him blather on can help us defend against his next move. Thanks for bringing these transmissions to my attention."
Attachment: Mansion Chandelier

Mail icon


Mail icon From: [[]] Subject:
Attachment: Mansion Chandelier

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