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Toyland is one of three level 30 daily missions in the Toyman's Time Out set that could be started at the terminals in the Monitor Womb of the Watchtower or in the Sabotage Chamber in the Hall of Doom.


Toyman plans to turn Stryker's into his own private dollhouse, using his toys and a powerful new prototype. Show him you're no plaything - shut him down.


  • Intro message
  • Travel to the South End of Styker's Island
  • Break crates full of wrapped toys to find the missing part Beautiful Betty needs to function
  • Transport the missing doll part back to Beautiful Betty - and activate your very own living doll!
  • Use Beautiful Betty's Temper Tantrum attack to blow up Windup Wally dolls (0/15)
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First, the player needs to break crates, not the big presents. Five small presents would burst forth once a crate is broken. Stick to the south end - the Toyman robots are not extremely dangerous for a level 30, but the player still must limit the damage. Interact with them results in a Toyman robot, which attacks, a useless toy car, or a robot part. Bring one part to the indicated Beautiful Betty robots on the second floor.

Beautiful Betty action bar

The default action bar of Beautiful Betty.

While inside the giant robot, left click does a basic melee attack and right click does a running click. Oddly, neither seem to do damage. There are three unique actions. Click 1 to use "Temper Tantrum", which lasts for a few seconds and when finished instantly destroys all Windup Wallys in range. Click 2 to use "Fix Boo Boos", which heals for 1428 health after a few seconds. Click 3 for the self-explanatory "Self Destruct". Note that when the robot's health reaches zero, the player is knocked out. The robot also expires after a while, with the same results as self destruct.



Feat - They're Not Dolls



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