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Giovanni Giuseppe was born to the Flying Jesses; famous circus trapeze performers. He, however, was afraid of heights, and preferred reading stories of Western criminal Jesse James. To cure his acrophobia, Giovanni invented air-walker shoes which led to his fame as a circus aerialist. However, Giovanni wanted more excitement, and changed his name to James Jesse and became the Trickster; using further inventions as dangerous gag gadgets to assist in his crimes.

After Barry Allen's death, the Trickster relocated from Central City to Hollywood, where he spent some time working in special effects. Following an adventure where Giovanni managed to trick Neron into defeat, the Trickster began working for the forces of good, spending some time as an agent for the FBI and gathered the reformed members of The Rogues when the Top brainwashed Captain Cold and other Rogues.

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  • Trickster is a bounty for hero players.

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  • Trickster first appeared in Flash #113 (June–July 1960)

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