The personification of evil, Trigon was a demon born of a mystical sect and the god that this sect worshipped in another universe. When Trigon was first conceived, the cast off negative emotions of the people of Azarath filled the child, turning him into a personification of evil. However, Trigon himself claims he always existed as formless energy since his universe was first formed and that the negative emotions of the people of Azarath allowed him to take physical form. Slaying billions of souls in his own dimension, Trigon eventually sired a child by mating with the human woman Angela Roth ( who was later renamed Arella by the people of Azarath) after she joined the Church of Blood and was seduced by the fake human form Trigon took. Their child was Raven, a powerful mystic, who rejected her father's evil and was raised in Azarath, a pacifist community nestled in another dimension.



  • Trigon's forces find their way to Earth and end up attacking the Tomorrow District. He even takes control of Raven to destroy the city and captures the other Titan members Cyborg, Starfire, Nightwing, and Donna Troy while corrupting them. When the players free the possessed Titans, Trigon's hold on Raven gets stronger causing the players and the Titans to split up to find Raven. With help from Zatanna, the players end up heading into the portal to Raven's soul self where Trigon uses Raven's possessed spirit to attack the players. After helping Raven fight the last Possessed Raven Spirit, Trigon's evil escapes to Earth.
  • While being brought to Earth by Brother Blood, Trigon sends his demon minions to corrupt the citizens based on some of the Seven Deadly Sins. Brother Blood's plans to bring Trigon to Earth were thwarted by the Sentinels of Magic.

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  • Trigon first appeared in New Teen Titans #4 (February 1981).
  • When fought in the Trigon's Prison Alert, Trigon uses heat vision like Superman.


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