For the mission for heroes, see Trigon's Blood (Heroes).''

Trigon's Blood is a level 5 villain mission in Metropolis Chinatown automatically started upon completion of Rare Blood.

Use the Eye of Sin to raise Wrath Demons.


  • Travel to Chinatown Music Festival
  • Use Eye of Sin on festival patrons to turn them into demons (0/20)
  • Defeat Sentinel Vanguards (0/5)
  • Use portals outside the Sentinel Base to summon Demon Allies. Help the demon defeat and feed on Sentinels to assault the base. (0/20)

Upon completion, Reign of Blood in automatically started.


  • The final battle against the hordes of Sentinels is relatively difficult. Use up all the portals to summon Wrath Demons before going into combat. Their numbers would soon diminish; retreat and wait for the portals to respawn.


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