Trigon Tainted Artifacts is a collection of Investigations that can be found scattered across the Tomorrow District district of the city of Metropolis, near quest objectives for the story arc "_". There are 5 parts that comprise this set.

Synopsis Edit

The very presence of the demon Trigon is enough to twist and distort magical powers. Blood cultists have gathered and corrupted several powerful magical artifacts to aid in their dark works. Obtain them to deny them their tools, or use them to your own ends.


Title Description LOCATION Map
Trigonic Scroll of Perversion Blood Priest Chronicles: This once weak healing scroll has been infused with the power of lust by one of Trigon's sons. Across the waters east of science spire near one of the "H" shaped planters, where the Raven Unleashed quest chain begins (The first crisis zone).
Trigon's Tainted Artifacts
Trigonic Gem of Corrosion Blood Priest Chronicles: This gem manipulates the air around it, as though it was made of solid acid. Highest roof level of the three piece L-shaped building near avenue of tomorrow just outside of the north-west side second crisis zone of the Raven Unleashed quest line. This Investigation token can also be collected on the south-east corner on another L-shaped building on the lower roof level (Note it can only be collected once from either location provided).
Trigonic Staff of Putrescence Blood Priest Chronicles: Once merely an artifact, this staff now crawls with insects feeding on it's putrescent testament to Trigon's might. In the center of the third crisis zone of the quest line. This one is hard to miss because it's right next to the Metropolis Police department seal on the building itself of course.
Trigonic Wand of Decay Blood Priest Chronicles: This scepter was once unremarkable, but these demonic scorch marks belie its otherwise simple appearance. This artifact is found inside the instance. After besting the 2nd hero it can be found on the left side of the room near a blue pillar of energy.


Doesn't appear on provided map. Is inside of the instance.
Trigonic Orb of Impurity Blood Priest Chronicles: Once merely a seeing stone, this treasure has been blessed by the touch of Trigon's wrathful son. This is found in the zone: Raven's soul-self. After defeating Raven look in the south-western edge of the room to find the final artifact. NOTE: THIS IS THE 4TH ARTIFACT BUT IS FOUND FIFTH! Doesn't appear on provided map. Is inside of the instance.


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Raven or Circe (depending on alliance), accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Raven Subject: Cracks in the Walls
"The touch of Trigon must be cleansed from these items of power you gathered. These magical items, once so beneficial, now reek of taint. It will be a challenge, but I am up to the task."
Attachment: Pinions of Azazel


Mail icon From: Circe Subject: Tainted Goods
"The demon Trigon is a magnificent beast, ever locked behind the walls of the world. These tainted magical playthings you gathered are mere novelty to a goddess but i will find uses for them just the same."
Attachment: Pinons of Azazel


This collection rewards the player with the back piece Pinions of Azazel item.



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