Twisting the Titans is a collection of Investigations that can be found scattered across Robinson Park in the city of Gotham, near quest objectives for the story arc "_". There are 6 parts that comprise this set.

Synopsis Edit

Raven's Trigonic eruption has released the sins of the Titans from their mortal shells. These soul manifestations are powerful...and valuable. Retrieve them to aid, or hinder, the Titans for your allies.

Collectibles Edit

Name Description Location Image Map
Beast Boy's Feral Soul It snarls and snaps with the inner turmoil Beast Boy feels as a result of his animalistic powers. Next to the tree on the east side of the bridge across the river from The Forum of the 12 Ceasars.
Starfire's Power Unhinged A raging inferno of power, representing

Starfire's birth at the hands of malevolent aliens.

In the Gazebo in the Southeast corner of Robinson Park near The Forum of the 12 Ceasars.
Twisting the Titans - Starfire's Power Unhinged
Nightwing's Unbound Sorrow Dark mists of sadness and pain swirl within this soulshard, a representation of Nightwing's tragic youth.
Nw- icon
Cyborg's Shattered Humanity Flickering and shot through with the green traces of circuitry, representing Cyborg's constant war with his cybernetic parts and his humanity.
CY- icon
Donna Troy's Unleashed Isolation Dim and pulsing like the embers of a dying star, representing Donna Troy's sometimes -crippling isolation as a wanderer of the multiverse.
Raven's Darkness Unchained Rippling and pulsing with an unhealthy glow, this soulshard was the 'cork' on the deep well of Trigonic energy Raven keeps dormant. From the Forum of the 12 Caesars, head west past the brigde. Do the round path until you see it behind a tree.
RAE- icon


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Raven or Brother Blood, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Raven Subject: Souls Exposed
"The magical weave that holds the human soul in place is far too easily shattered. Our secrets of heartbreak and loss have now been exposed to you, for better or worse. You have the gratitude of the Titans for gathering these soul shreds."
Attachment: Soulrender's Boots


Mail icon From: Brother Blood Subject: Souls Exposed
"The work to corrupt the hearts of the Titans continues apace. We've made enormous steps forward. Your work to gather these soul fragments will ensure that the demon lord will rise soon from the depth of his slumber! Hail Trigon!"
Attachment: Soulrender's Boots


This collection rewards the player with the Soulrender's Boots item.