The University of Metropolis is a prestigious college located in the Little Bohemia district of Metropolis.
Both Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are graduates from the University of Metropolis. Kent had entered the university following a world-wide trip to develop his journalistic skills.

The location is an Instance, accessible for villain players in both regular and Challenge modes.

This area in Metropolis includes missions from the mentor, Lex Luthor involving Parasite.  Villains need to transform citizens and GCPD officers/riot cops to make leeches.

In-Game HistoryEdit

Lex Luthor conducts his parasite research on the unwitting students here. Villains will assist the Parasite in battling Power Girl in the university's solo instance.







See: Storming the Ivory Tower (Mission).

Briefs and InvestigationsEdit

Associated FeatsEdit


  • The University of Metropolis first appeared in Superman #125 (November, 1958)
  • It was at the University of Metropolis that Clark Kent first met and began a whirlwind romance with a wheelchair-bound student named Lori Lemaris, who later was revealed to be a mermaid in disguise.


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