Unpaid Dues is an eight player operation for villains who have reached level 30 and acquired both combat rating of 70 and Hand of Fate DLC.


Act 1Edit

Act 2Edit

  • Travel to Gotham East End.
  • Find and extinguish Censers (Count: 5).
  • Destroy crate of concealment powder and defeat Lying Path Master.

Act 3Edit

  • Head to Burnley Freightyards.
  • Curse civilians with Faustian illusion then defeat Burning Path Ninjas (Count: 35).
  • Find payment cache and defeat Burning Path Master.

Act 4Edit

  • Find and interrogate Serpent Path Ninjas (Count: 10)
  • Defeat Ra's al Ghul.


Completing this operation grants 6 Marks of War, 3 Focusing Element IV and 2 Epic equipments & Epic Role nonspecific 131 DPS weapon and a Report of Black Arts.


  • Lying Path Master
  • Burning Path Master
  • Ra's al Ghul

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