Unstable Technology is a side quest that is designed to be part of the chain of Metropolis General Hospital quests provided to low level Meta Heroes; although, It is not necessary to have completed any quests in the Metropolis General Hospital chain to get it. Unstable Technology is provided by Doctor Irvine, who instructs the Hero to collect 20 Power Cells from LexCorp Gladiators. The reward is $12 and 2 Soder Cola Classics. The quest is one of four required for the Solo Contact Feat, Meta-ticulous.

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LexCorp has been providing 'free' healthcare to new Meta Heroes, who have been given their powers by Brainiac's Exobytes. Recently a group of the patients have revolted and are battling LexCorp security. The patients are stating that LexCorp has been doing illegal tests on them to try and figure out their powers. The LexCorp Gladiators are power armored LexCorp security assigned to quell the rebellion. According to Doctor Irvine; however, the suits are powered by highly unstable cores. He is requesting that someone remove those cores and return them to him before it's too late.



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"Collect power cells from LexCorp Gladiator suits."

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Doctor Irvine can be found on the northeast shore of Little Bohemia. He is just west of the east bridge leaving he island. One notable landmark is that Doctor Irvine is standing directly in front of the Soder Cola building.