The F2P(free-to-play) MMoRPg Dc universre online has been comfirned, that it will be released on 11/1 for 2011. This will included three class or set new Dcuo Update. They're three plans you have a choice form being F2P,Premuin and legendary.With F2P you give 2 character slots, limited money, limited inventory slots, text chat only, and can only join clan. Premuin you get 6 charctter slots, still limited money but you can hold more than F2P same goes for the inventory slots, text and voice and can only join clans. With legendary you get 16 characters slots, no limited to money, limited inventory slots but it much better than premiun, text and voice chat, you can make or join clans and you get dlc for free. F2P cost nothing,Premiun cost 5$ one time payment, and legendary cost 15$ a month.

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