Utility Belt Upgrade (Icon)

Utility Belt Attachments are unique items that, when equipped, increase the amount of trinkets and consumable items the player character can carry.

UBA Tray

Basic Utility Belts can be purchased from the renown vendors located in each Wing (Tech, Magic, Meta) of the player headquarters. Utility Belt Attachments can also be found as rare drops in alerts and raids.

Utility Belt Attachments require the Utility Belt upgrade.


UBA Slot 3 Unlock

When equipped in the trinket slot, a Utility Belt Attachment can offer an additional 2-4 compartment slots with varying purposes; some can be only used for consumable items while others can be only used for trinkets. Rarer Utility Belts will include Wild Card slots that allow the player to equip either a trinket or a consumable.

Some belts also possess locked compartments that can be temporarily unlocked for 60 days with Marks of Victory. Unlocking any slot will cost 5 Marks of Victory.



DCUO Unmasked - Utility Belt Attachments

DCUO Unmasked - Utility Belt Attachments



Unlocking a slot with Marks of Victory on one Utility Belt unlocks that slot for all Utility Belt Attachments.

Although the player gains the effects of trinkets when equipping them in a Utility Belt Attachment slot (e.g. pets, transformation, etc), the player does not gain the stats that they would had they equipped it in the normal trinket slot.

For the combat rating calculation, the highest equipped trinket counts, no matter if that is the utility belt itself or another trinket within it.

Prior to March 31st, 2015, Utility Belt access was included in the Hand of Fate DLC pack. Previous owners of the DLC will retain access to the power.