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Player eating a Valentine's Day candy

Valentine's Day is a Valentine's Day themed seasonal event that originally occurred in 2011 and then was discontinued due to quality concerns.

Valentine's Day resurfaced in the DCUO world in 2013 when a mission appeared in all player journals granting access to the styles and feats of the original event. In addition two special Valentine's Day related base items were dropping in The Vault.

This was continued for new player characters in 2014. Additionally two new style items and two new base items were introduced.

In 2015 the event finally was reintroduced with all new content.


Main article: Valentine's Day Event 2011


No playable event content

New base items: Valentine's Heart Bed, Valentine's Heart Tub


No playable event content

New base items: Heart Shaped Rug, Romantic Canopy


Love Conquers All
In 2015 new Valentine's Day content was introduced. The styles and consumables from 2011 are now available at the seasonal vendor Valentine's Kiosk.

Love Will Find A Way retired feats mission (new player characters only)


Vendor: Valentine's Kiosk

New styles: Valentine's Novelty Headband, Quiver of Adulation

New consumable: Iced Candy Heart Cookie

New base items: Clumped Zamaron Crystal Growth, Cultivated Zamaron Crystals, Etched Zamaron Crystal, Short Zamaron Crystal Growth, Star Sapphire Console, Star Sapphire Console Column, Star Sapphire Wall Monitor, Star Sapphire Wall Seal, Tall Zamaron Crystal Growth, Violet Beacon, Zamaron Ceiling Crystal Mass, Zamaron Crystal Ceiling Cluster, Zamaron Crystal Ceiling Growth, Zamaron Crystal Planter, Zamaron Wall Crystal Cluster, Zamaron Wall Crystals


See 2015

New styles: Jester's Affection T-Shirt, Broken Heart T-Shirt, Heart T-Shirt

New auras: Glittering Hearts Aura, Rose Petal Aura

New consumable: Love Bomb

New base items: Candlestick with Roses, Chair with Sash, Champagne on Ice, Romantic Dining Table, Small Pile of Rose Petals, Sparse Pile of Rose Petals, Valentine's Day Card Box, White Silk Bow, Window with White Drapes


See 2015

New collection: Love Notes

New pets: Heartbreak, Heartthrob

New styles: Cupid's Balloon Wings, Flower T-Shirt, Gradient Heart T-Shirt, Love T-Shirt, Heart-Shaped Glasses

New base items: Pink Hearts Poster, Zamaron Bed, Zamaron Chair, Zamaron Dresser, Zamaron Hanging Chandelier, Zamaron Love Crystal, Zamaron Round Table, Zamaron Wall Light


Main article: Seasonal Feats

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See also: Base Items: Valentine's Day










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