Vehicles are various objects in the game world that either act as environmental objects and/or can be used by the player to complete a mission.

A player can "weaponize" a vehicle by picking it up if they have the Super-Strength Iconic Power ability. They can then throw or otherwise use the vehicle against a target of their choice.

Vehicles ListEdit






  • The Batman is infamous for possessing a vast armada of vehicles custom built to tackle various terrains for various purposes.
  • Hal Jordan has a rebuilt Manhunter transport ship he found in a junkyard on Oa. He had Green Lantern Stel rebuild and reprogram it to serve as an emergency transport at the "Green House"; an emergency regroup point on an ice planet in Sector 2000. Dubbing it the "Interceptor", the ship possesses an autonomous A.I. named AYA, the ability to track Power Rings, and emergency escape pods should the need arise to abandon ship.
  • Nightwing and Arsenal's Outsiders team utilized a specialized battle cruiser, called a Pequod, as the team's primary mode of transportation between and during missions.

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