Vengeful Spirits are created by the Spectre in his rage. They attack citizens, separating their soul from their body, creating Torn Spirits. They are encountered during the missions Vengeful Spirits and onward.
Vengeful Spirit throwing taxi

This is going to hurt...

They are fairly easy to defeat, although their numbers may be overwhelming. Their normal attacks are quite weak, but they have the rare ability of telekinesis - they could throw vendor machines, cars, even buses and other Vengeful Spirits (encased) at players. While this does not make them immune to the player's thrown projectiles and they could not snatch cars out of the player's hands, in the case of multiple Spirits, they could smashing the player around repeatedly, making it rather disorienting, complicated by their ability to fly. Players are advised to steer clear of the land and fight them on open waters.

They may deflect player-thrown items, but rarely.

There is currently a glitch that causes cars in their control to rise higher and higher until they reached the ceiling of the game world instead of throwing at the player.
Vengeful Spirit throwing buses

Watch out!

Floating tazi

A taxi high up in the sky.

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