This article is about the mission. For the mob, see Vengeful Spirit.

Vengeful Spirits is a level 29 mission started automatically when the player talks to Doctor Fate for Fateful Omen.

Confront the Vengeful Spirits the Spectre has raised in Downtown Metropolis.

In a fit of madness, the near-omnipotent Spectre created many spirits to pass harsh judgement on souls, based on the belief that, according to Lightkeeper Lyta, living is a crime.


"Welcome to the battle, we need warriors of your caliber for this threat. The Spectre has the power of God's vengeance to judge guilty souls, but here he has lost all mercy. I fear Circe's foul touch has turned the Spectre completely mad. Bring peace to these spirits!" — Wonder Woman
  • Speak with Lightkeeper Lyta in Downtown Metropolis
  • Banish Vengeful Spirits (0/25)
  • Return Torn Souls to Citizen's Bodies (0/20)
"The Spectre is supposed to judge individual souls. For him to be assigning spirits to pass sentence for him means something is badly wrong." — Oracle

Upon completion, Reaping Evil would automatically be started.


  • Although it says Vengeful Spirits, Souleaters count although they are stronger. Watch out - while the Vengeful Spirits' normal attacks are weak, they could telekinetically slam anything up to and including buses into the player. Super-Strength is an advantage here, as players could use the abundant cars to smash them before they could do the same. It is possible to grab hold of a car just as they start to use telekinesis.
  • There is a Reaper in the area that cannot be attacked at this point, but will hit the player for 300s, so steer clear of it.


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