Until game update 25 Viking was an Armor Style Set available only for Tank characters.

Northern Vikings traveled to America and created settlements there across a four hundred year period, colonizing as far west as Minnesota and as far south as the Yucatan, whereupon they influenced customs, language and culture amongst the Native Indian tribes.


Viking (Damage)
Pieces Drops Stats
Viking (Controller)
Pieces Drops Stats
Viking (Tank)
Pieces Drops Stats



Feat - God of the North


  • During an attempt to retrieve a time-displaced Cheshire and her villainess team, the Ravens, from upsetting history. Black Canary traveled back in time to America's Pre-Columbian era to retrieve them. While the mission was successful, Canary became imbedded in Viking history, with a rune etched in her likeness becoming unearthed in Minnesota.


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