WANTED: Abra Kadabra is a bounty mission for hero players, accessible via the Wanted Poster in Central City. The mission's task is to locate and defeat the Abra Kadabra, a member of the Rogues.


WANTED! The Sentinels of Magic seek the capture of the adversary known as Abra Kadabra. Considered a serious threat: do not approach alone. Last seen boring audiences in Central City.


  • Locate and Defeat Abra Kadabra


  1. West of Museum near the Coffee Cup
  2. West of Museum in the middle of Paradox Reaper Infiltrators
  3. Behind Flash Museum (West corner)
  4. Behind Flash Museum (East corner)
  5. In front of Flash Museum
  6. Near starting area of instance
  7. One street north of the starting area (not on the map)



Professor Zoom and Abra Kadabra cannot be on the map at the same time. After either is killed, one of them (chosen randomly) will respawn in 5 to 30 minutes (the time is also random).




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* Suggested route

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