Talk Screen - Steel
"Steelworks, my workshop, and my home, is under attack. T.O. Morrow and his legion of Oolong robots have infiltrated the factory grounds, ransacking my research. I've been able to hold them off so far, but they've unleashed a Siege Robot capable of causing serious damage to my defenses. I need you to take that robot out, so we can focus on our fight. Steel out. And hey. Thanks." — Steel

WANTED: Oolong Siege Robot is a bounty mission for heroes, which can be done daily. It requires Home Turf episode access and a combat rating of 70+.


Steelworks is under attack by T.O. Morrow and his robotic army! So far, Steel and his own robots have managed to hold them off, but the Oolong Siege Robot could tip the scale! Take out the siege robot so Steelworks can focus on their fight.


  • Intro Message
  • Locate and defeat the Oolong Siege Robot near the Steelworks facility




  • Steel's Will: Complete the Oolong Siege Robot Wanted mission 10 times (10 points)


Reward Boxes earned from this bounty contain an unattuned armor piece which will return a piece from the Steelworker armor set.


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