Gather power from relics shipped from Kahndaq.


"Oho, so Faust is being "clever." His magic prevents all but his Soulless from passing through this portal. Easily remedied. We merely need to drain your soul. Head to the University Warehouse, it has what we need to begin." — Circe
"The magic in Faust's barrier will let only his Soulless through. We must disguise you. I will warn you, it will not be pleasant. The University Warehouse is stocked with Kahndaqi relics that may help." — Wonder Woman
  • Get to University Warehouse and Gather Relics
    Kahndaqi relic

    A relic is found after its container has been destroyed.

"So the Deathless Obelisks Faust is using to safeguard his portal can only be destroyed by his Soulless. Ready to sell your soul - at least for the moment?" — Calculator
"Separating you from your soul is the only way to take out the Deathless Obelisks Faust is using to protect his portal. And hey, look on the bright side! If you don't have one, Faust can't steal it, right?" — Oracle


Security Guard Sawyer, who starts the freelance mission The Gift That Keeps On Gassing, is found in the warehouse.

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